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Why would you need KBLTravel?

Where should I go next ? Where should I stay ? How much is it going to cost ? How am I going to find a place for so many people ? Is this country safe ?

• A curated travel agency •

Planning your vacation shouldn't be stressful. That's why I offer you dream stays in carefully selected destinations, complete with everything you need, without necessarily having to spend
more. From booking hotels to expert advice to visit your destination in the most beautiful way, rediscover the real meaning of travel with KBLTravel.

Don't forget, what you see, is where you can be.

CONCEPT: À propos de nous



We define together where you want to travel, for how long and how much you wish to spend.

We also define the kind of vibe and expectations you have for the trip (romantic, adventurous, arty, comfy...).

I then create a fully tailor-made and quality-controlled itinerary according to your desires : a step by step journey with curated hotels all along the way. You will also benefit from a custom-made list of
places to visit in each location.

Once you approve the program, I book it all to make it super convenient for you. You have nothing else to do.
You will then receive the confirmation booklet with all the reservations and the total invoice for your trip.

My commission is 15% of the total trip.

CONCEPT: Ressources

My ambition is to make your journey cute, always. How?

I will

1. Make it simple by communicating the easiest way : WhatsApp me anytime, I’ll answer you immediately.

2. Offer tried and tested itineraries. Not only will I find the hidden gem hotels for you, I will also let you know which restaurants, artisans or art foundation you should visit or which cute little store you
canot miss.

3. Ensure high & low prices for great value for money at every step of the journey. Wow effect guaranteed. But always budget conscious !

With KBLTravel, you'd be investing in the assurance that your next trip will be cute every step of the way.

CONCEPT: À propos de nous
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